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Golf lessons for beginners and advanced players

Cursuri de Golf - Lectii de Golf Avansati si Incepatori
The golf programs offered by Lac de Verde golf Club consists in private golf lessons for beginners, advanced players, players with Handicap Card, programs for groups of both beginners and advanced players ( maximum 6 persons}.

For beginners we recommend a program that includes minimum 10 sessions with the golf instructor, in which they will be familiarized with the basics of the game, playing techniques, the most important golf and etiquette rules.

The golf lessons will take place both outdoor, on the golf course and training areas, and indoor. Each golf program (standard or premium) ends with an exam that will allow the player to be able to play on the golf course. After a golf program of 20 sessions, the player receives a so called license, or Handicap card , based on which the player can play in any golf competition national or international, on his equivalent category, amateur or pro player.

Golf lessons for children

Golf lessons for childrenWe are keen in promoting healthy behaviors, golf is a sport that can positively contribute to developing the young generation, proving that by far golf is not a boring sport, it a sophisticated one.

Lac de Verde Golf Club offers to the young ones golf lessons on different levels, starting with simple, short lessons (1-2 hours), standard course (minimum 10 sessions), premium course (20 sessions ) and golf camps.

Complimentary golf lessons for children!

Also, the golf club promotes the concept of Open Doors for children, meaning 2 days in the week time, the club is offering free golf lessons to all children willing to try this noble sport. Mostly the children are from the local town, wanting to support, help, and develop the community where the golf club is located.