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Golf instructors

Instructori de Golf - Profesori de Golf Breaza PrahovaGolf means balance, strategy, and concentration

The Lac de Verde golf instructors with an experience of 15 years in the field and participation to a great no of golf championships at national level, will be able to transmit to the ones interested in this sport, the knowhow and the golf techniques: swing, the posture, the etiquette of the game, the position of the ball, the technical elements of the game.  Saying this, from those that have a true passion for this sport, you can only become one of the best players!   Since the opening of the club in 2000, Lac de Verde developed true golf players, persons that got in contact with golf for the first time here with a golf instructor, and that presently have a 3 HCP and are playing in national and international golf competitions. You can also be one of them! Golf is a sport able to balance, to relax, to shape characters, and the hard work is repaid by results that is the drive to become the best!

We invite you to be a part of this challenge!