Teren de Golf Breaza – Organizari Evenimente Valea Prahovei

The golf lessons offered by Lac de Verde Golf Club consist of private lessons for beginners, advanced or handicapped players, programs for groups of beginners or advanced players (of maximum 6 persons).

For beginners, we recommend a program that includes minimum 10 sessions with the instructor, in which they will be presented the basics of the game technique, the main rules and the etiquette on the golf course, with prices starting from 800 lei.

Also, our packages include “exploratory” lessons – 1 or 2 hours of initiation.

The golf lessons will take place both outdoor (on the course) and indoor. Each golf program (standard or premium) ends with an exam that will allow the player to play on the golf course. After a golf program of a minimum of 20 sessions, the player receives a so-called “license” which is equivalent in the case of registering with a Club with the Handicap of 36, this badge allowing him to play everywhere in the world.


Golf lessons for children

We are keen in promoting healthy behaviors and values, golf being a sport that can positively contribute to the development of the personality and education of the young generation, proving that golf is not a boring and sophisticated sport.

Lac de Verde Golf Club welcomes the eager and the passionate ones of this sport with  various offers regarding the golf lessons for children. From simple lessons (1-2 hours-exploratory lessons) to standard lessons (minimum 10 sessions) and premium lessons(20 sessions) with prices starting from 600 lei.

Also, the Club organizes the Doors Open Day for children who thus have the opportunity to benefit of free golf lessons and access to the Lac de Verde golf course over a whole day.

Through our actions of Social Responsibility (CSR), we offer free golf lessons to the children from Breaza, thus wanting to support and contribute to the development of the community where we conduct our activity.