Teren de Golf Breaza – Organizari Evenimente Valea Prahovei

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Gold Member

1 year
Platinum Member

1 year
Remote Member

1 year
  Platinum Gold Remote Member Junior 1 Junior 2
        till 9 years old  9 to 18 years old
Price/year 700 EURO 400 EURO 200 EURO FREE 250 EURO
Unlimited access to the golf course based on the HCP card    10
 upon the golf instructor’s recommendation
upon the golf instructor’s recommendation
Hours of golf lessons with instructor   10  5   in certain days advised by the club 15
Hours of golf lessons with instructor
For any additional golf lesson needed with instructor, 50% discount
10 10
hours of golf lessons with instructor for you, and 10 lessons for your nominated guest
Should the guest not be in the possession of a HCP card, he will benefit of 50 % discount on the golf lessons with instructor in order to obtain the legitimation
Access to the training area driving range, balls included  
15 ball baskets for driving range practice
Unlimited access to the training areas: putting, chipping, bunker area, indoor golf      
Annual Video Analysis  2
Priority Tee time reservation  
Free private parking    
Special green fee for all the competitions organized the club
organizate de club
Loyal member discount
(for the renew of membership)
5% 5%
Golf buggy discount 10% 10%
Accommodation discount 5% 5%
Bar and restaurant discount 5% 5%
PROSHOP discount 10% 10% 10% 10%
Unlimited access to the swimming pool, billiard and table tennis      
          20 % discount for the golf camp for him and 3 other nominated junior guests.
  Order Order Order Order Order
Family • 30% discount for first-degree relatives (husband / wife, brother / sister) to one of the membership packages - Platinum and Gold
  15% discount for membership to new contracts concluded in October, November and March